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Welcome to my blog on Gluten Free diets, Coeliac Disease, Lactose and Fructose intolerance.

This is not a scientific journal, but my personal journey through diets, doctors, diagnosis and disease.

If my journey can help to make your path of discovery to feeling better a shorter one, then I have achieved my aim.

Please feel free to comment or send me your discoveries, as the more knowledge there is out there, the better all our lives will be.

It is not a terrible diagnosis, as I first thought, but a liberating way to take control again of your life, as you work toward better health. I can remember looking with dismay at the list I had just been handed by my specialist of all the foods I COULDN’T eat. As I read down the list and then looked at the list I COULD eat, my illogical first reaction was: “I can still drink champagne?” The specialist smiled and said: “Of course, any wine is fine as long as it isn’t sweet and drunk in moderation”. At the time, this seemed one small light in a very dark world.

Of course, I now know that changing a lifetime of eating habits can and does begin healing the internal damage, and brings increased energy and better health, so it is all worth while in the end. It soon becomes a way of life.

I will update this frequently as I discover new tips and information and especially gluten free places to eat.

Please join me on our journey to a new way of living and eating.

Here’s to your health!

  1. wow, looking forward to this sight…I wont go into details now, but Im 42 yrs old and have had a colostomy bag thru all these problems…long story to 🙂 but Im horse riding again, and with the bag life has been good, its not over, all my probs, but keeping up a positive attitude and having something to look forward to helps, more than words can say x

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